Tearoom Norfolk

The Partridge is our popular tearoom in Norfolk. It is a place of rest for weary shoppers who visit the Holt Garden Centre for their gardening supplies and end up spending hours getting products from our endless displays. You can drop in to relax in The Partridge after your shopping and get a well-deserved cup of your favourite tea or coffee or sit in with tea and cake before you begin your round of the nursery to make finalise your shopping list. In any case, you will find our cafe in Norfolk the best place for rest, contemplating shopping lists, and some snacks with tea.

What we offer in our tearoom in NorfolkOur tearoom in Norfolk

The Partridge is a cosy little place where you can spend an hour or two, sipping your favourite tea or coffee with a friend or family or why not just on your own? With our short menu filled with traditional English offerings, you will feel refreshed and stuffed, ready to get on with the rest of your day even if includes a long shopping expedition in our garden centre. Our menu includes:

  • Tea & Coffee: Many of our guests love coffee more than tea and we keep all the usual recipes ready to take away their tiredness in a steamy cup of their favourite coffee. Whether you love a strong shot of espresso or a mug with a layer of cream on top, we have you covered. For those who love the traditional English tea, we have the best cup you will taste waiting for you right here.
  • Cakes & Snacks: Of course, be it coffee or tea, if you have a piece of homemade chocolate cake to go with it, the experience becomes that much tastier. Our variety of cakes made with locally grown ingredients and our popular cheese sandwiches can do exactly that for your cup of tea or coffee. So, do try some.
  • Light Meals: If you are looking for something more gratifying than a piece of cake, you might want to try something out of our Light Meals menu. The menu has a number of options of traditional English lunches that you will find fresh and delicious. That’s a promise.

The perfect friendly tearoom in Norfolk

Our idea of a cafe in Norfolk is based on simplicity and comfort. We have designed The Partridge to give an impression of casual decor and friendly ambience with lots of soothing colours and simple furniture all around you. Whether you are visiting England on holiday, driving through this part of the country, live nearby, or taking a day trip, you will find our cafe in Norfolk filled with great flavours and memories.

Take a break at the Partridge

Life is busy these days and finding good opportunities to enjoy yourself or the company of your loved ones without a worry is tough. The Partridge invites you to spend some quality time with those you love while enjoying cream tea.

Take a break from life and visit our tearoom in Norfolk soon.