Christmas trees Kelling

Looking for christmas trees near Kelling? Our customers often compliment our Christmas trees near Kelling due to the variety and our keen focus on delivering fresh, gorgeous Xmas trees to your homes for the holidays. We have many types of Christmas trees available, all fresh and naturally grown, so our customers can take home the perfect tree they came looking for.

Types of our christmas trees near KellingChristmas trees near Knelling

Holt Garden Centre loves Christmas and the holidays as much as anybody and love to be a part of our customers’ celebrations. As your team of gardening experts, we think it is our duty to sell you your favourite Christmas tree but, to satisfy all of you with your so different choices, we have to keep a large variety of products in stock for the winter. Our range of Christmas trees near Kelling includes the following:

  • Norway Spruce: Britain’s favourite type of Christmas tree that emanates a light, mesmerising perfume and comes in an almost perfect conical shape.
  • Nordmann Fir: This great option with its deep green hue and ability to keep its rounded and soft needles perky for several weeks makes the perfect Christmas tree for many homes every year.
  • Noble Fir: The Noble Fir is a special Christmas tree in that its foliage has a deep bluish-green hue while its needles give off a silvery shade. It looks gorgeous even without any decorations.
  • Fraser Fir: Another option with a remarkable cone shape and flattened, dark green needles that it holds onto for many weeks before they droop.
  • Blue Spruce: Among all our Christmas trees near Kelling, this one has the stiffest needles that grow in a mix of dark green and blue.
  • Lodgepole Pine: Probably the bushiest tree among all your options for Christmas. It retains the sturdiness of its long bushy needles for long as well.
  • White Pine: A white pine makes for a Christmas tree very similar to a lodgepole pine with its bushy disposition and sturdy needles, but its needles are a mix of deep green and blue.
  • White Spruce: This is another great option if you want to keep a shapely Christmas tree this year that comes in a bluish-green hue.

Best Xmas trees near Kelling

Last Christmas was our first chance to show our customers we could a variety of beautiful Xmas trees near Kelling, and we are proud to say we succeeded in our objective. This year, and in all the years to come, we will focus more on selling only naturally-grown Xmas trees so you can celebrate the holidays with a perfect looking Christmas tree in your home.

Get our experts: advies on your Christmas tree near Kelling

When you visit our garden centre, you will find our experts ready to help you with our display of Christmas trees near Kelling. They will help you buy the perfect one according to the size of the room you mean to settle it into and your budget.

Visit us in winter to order your Christmas tree from us. Don't forget to take good care of your Christmas tree.